What Causes Liver Damage


What Causes Liver Damage? This is a question that a lot of people want to know. Liver Damage can lead to serious health conditions or even death. To live a healthy life we must have a healthy liver and most of us don’t know how we are damaging our liver. In this article, we will try to look at different aspects of What causes liver damage.

What Causes Liver Damage


Obesity is an increase of fat in your liver or body. It is the No 1 reason for damaging your liver because it leads to fatty liver and leads to cirrhosis and ultimately leads to permanent liver damage.

Pain Killers

Taking pain killers is very dangerous for the liver. Taking pain killers like Brufen, Paracemotol, aspirin, and other pain killer medications are very dangerous for the liver. If they keep it taking on for long-term it creates stress on the liver which results in damaging the liver.


Alcohol is very dangerous for the liver. Having alcohol for the long term and excessive use of alcohol can affect your liver. You may end up with a damaged liver.

Virus & Infections

Infections like Hepatitis A, B, C can damage your liver. It can result in damage to liver .as compared to hepatitis B and C Hepatitis A is not that dangerous but can still damage your liver. Try to vaccinate yourself against the viruses.


Drugs in the sense like medicine and recreational drugs also can affect your liver. Even herbal medicine can also damage your liver. So never take any medicine without the doctor’s prescription.

Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushroom can also damage your liver. Try to avoid wild mushrooms it may damage your liver in the long term.


Smoking not only damages your heart it can also have a deadly effect on your liver. Try to avoid smoking its very dangerous for your all health and liver.

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