How to stop running nose fast in natural ways

A runny nose is characterized by mucus draining or dripping from the nostril. It is excess nasal drainage. Other terms that are used for a runny nose is “Rhinitis” and “Rhinorrhea.” Rhinitis is the inflammation of nasal tissues due to their swellings and irritation that results in a runny nose. Rhinorrhea refers to a thin and transparent nasal discharge. There are several reasons for the runny nose; we will try to look at the method which can help us how to stop running nose fast in natural ways.

A runny nose can occur due to a lot of reasons like:

  • Common Cold
  • Flu
  • Exposure to heat and cold temperature
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Allergies
  • Sinus Infection

A runny nose can be annoying, and it happens to all of us. Generally, it does not require the use of medicines and can be easily managed by self-care.

Now the question arises on how to stop running nose fats in natural ways?

There are a lot of simple and effective home remedies that can be helpful to stop a runny nose like:

  • Having a hot Drink
  • Take a hot shower
  • Hot steam
  • Neti Pot
  • Drink Plenty of water

 Having a hot drink:

How stop running nose by Hot Drinks
your airways

Hot tea is more helpful than cold ones due to their heat and steam that help to reduce the symptoms of cold and decongest your airways. It also helps ease nasal airflow and get immediate relief from a runny nose like water. Among teas, herbal teas are most effective as they have anti-inflammatory properties and contain herbs that are mild decongestant. Also look for antihistamine herbs like mint, ginger, and chamomile, etc.

Want to know more about Runny nose Causes?

How to stop running nose by having a Ginger drink?

Ginger drink is also helpful to stop a runny nose like water. For this, you take one cup of water and add chopped ginger in it. Boil water for 5-6 minutes then strain the mixture and add boiled water into the cup. After this add one tablespoon of honey and squeeze half lemon into it. Drink it three times a day in the morning, afternoon, and before bedtime.

Drinking hot drinks helps you to get immediate relief from several cold symptoms. It also helps to stop a runny nose fast and helps you better airflow.

Taking a hot shower:

How stop running nose by taking hot bath

For some quick relief, a hot shower is the best option as it can help to alleviate stuffy noses and stop runny noses like water. For best results place your face directly in the steam and spray of the shower. It not only leads to inhaling the steam naturally but also very helpful to relax the muscle of the body. How does it help to stop a runny nose?

Hot Steam:

How stop running nose by taking hot steam

A study in 2005 proved that steam inhalation is quite effective to stop runny nose like water as it contains various additives that help to treat its symptoms. Symptoms improve faster with inhalation than without. It helps you to open up your nose, result in breathing easier and thin out mucus. It is more helpful for adults and older children.

There are a lot of different ways to perform the heat steam to stop runny nose fast but all have common purposes.

How how to stop running nose by steam?

Take a pot and add clean water to it. Put the pot into the stove and let water heat until it creates steam. Don’t boil water, it may burn your skin. After the steam is created over your head with a towel and put your face above the steam for 10 to 15minutes. During this time it takes a long and deep breath from the nose. When you are done blow your nose to get rid of mucus. For the best results, you can add essential oil and herbs to hot water. For clearing, sinuses add Olbas oil into hot water. This will be helpful to get rid of a runny nose like water.

Neti Pot:

Neil poti can help you stopping your runny nose

A neti pot looks like a small teapot with a spout that helps to breathe by flushing out mucus from the nose. It can be used with a warm saline solution or sterile water. How can we stop runny noses by neti pots? Its procedure is you pour water into one nostril and it will come out of the other nostril that results in the cleaning of the nose. It is available at any local pharmacy and store and you can also buy it online. It is necessary to read the instructions before you use because improper use leads to a sinus infection and also avoid to use tap water for this. A study in 2009 improved that neti pots are more effective than nasal spray for a runny nose as it has a large volume and low pressure which leads to the treatment of runny nose like water.

Drinking plenty of water:

Drinking more water and keep hydrated can help you stopping your runny nose

It is necessary to stay hydrated when you are suffering from a runny nose like water. For this, get plenty of fluids as it helps to expel mucus from your body easily, also break up congestion and make throats moist by keeping you away from dehydration. The drinks may include water, fruit drinks, herbal teas, and coffee. If we don’t drink enough water then the mucus of sinuses becomes thick which creates difficulty for cilia to push the mucus along and if it stays at the sinuses for a longer time then it leads to the sinus infection called as sinuses. On the other hand, if we drink a lot of water then the mucus inside becomes thin and moist which makes it easier for cilia to move out from sinuses to avoid the production of bacteria and other viruses. So, it is necessary to keep hydrated and keep those cilia moving and stop running your nose like water.

How to stop running nose in babies :

How to stop running nose in babies

As it is a major problem with adult infants and toddlers also suffer a lot of a runny nose, we will try to look at different methods we can help us and will give the answer to your question of how to stop running nose fats in natural ways.

 Suction Bulb:

As a runny nose leads to the thick mucus in the nose which creates difficulty in breathing so for this a suction bulb can be helpful to extract the mucus from the nose of the baby that helps to breathe easier and stop runny nose like water in a baby. It is easily available at any pharmacy store and can be bought without the prescription of a doctor.

Wet cotton swab:

A wet cotton swab is very helpful to remove sticky mucus around the nose of your children that helps to stop a runny nose in a baby.

Steamy shower:

In order to clear nasal passage and lungs, it is better to give a warm shower to your children to stop a runny nose in a baby. Due to its steam, it will clear the nostrils and helps to breathe easier by cleaning your lungs.

Self-care is very important in life as it helps to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. It not only leads to self-esteem but also produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence.

These are the researched-based information we collected on How to stop running nose fast in natural ways.

As AyaKito once said:

                                      “Gather up your fighting spirit or the disease will defeat you.”

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