Which foods are bad for hair growth?

Hairs have their importance in the human body. It is one of nature’s gifts that make everyone look complete, beautiful and attractive. Living life with bad or no hair seems one of the difficult things for a human being. Everyone wants to have the best hair using all possible treatments, remedies, tricks and products available in the market. As everyone always looks for information regarding finding out for which foods are bad for hair growth and which are good.

In the hair and care industry, we have so many products focusing on hair growth. Instead of these artificial treatments, why we, not lookout for some natural remedies those work well and are safer.

It is better to have information about which foods are bad for hair growth and which are best, it is best when you want to have the best hairs? It is one of the surprising facts that our diet has an impact on our hair as well as the other parts of the body.

The food intake is not just limited to obesity, weight management but to every single part of the body such as skin, eyes, and hair.

When you have the opportunity to make your hair better, by taking or avoiding some food options, then why not giving it a chance. Adding some foods to your diet which are good for your hairs growth will help you to get better hair without any pain or time taking treatments.

Here is another important fact to note about the foods for hair. Not all the foods we eat in our daily life are good for hair health and growth. Sometimes certain food types can affect the hair adversely. It is necessary to note which foods are bad for hair growth too, the food options that are harmful to your hair at the same time.

How Food gets you topical hair growth?

Many people wonder how is it possible to have the impact of the food we eat on our hair. It restricts them in searching which Food for hair growth is best.

The reasoning is simple; the human body requires specific nutrients and minerals for its functioning. All parts of the body require some specific nutrients exclusively.

It is not possible to get these nutrients from any other way but Food. We cannot take many of the supplements for the purpose. Therefore, the Food we eat leaves an impact on all the body parts.

Similarly, our hair requires some specific minerals and proteins for better growth and stability. We get these nutrients directly from the food we eat.

In case we are taking the food that is not enriched with the minerals, we will end up facing issues with the hair. It is necessary to plan the food options and diet that will help in getting the right kind of results with hair health.

Remember, it is just like getting the basic energy from food. You will get the basic structure of topical hair growth from the diet you take daily. The other additional hair care products are supplements that can add value to your efforts.

Major foods you should avoid for hair growth problems

Food is not always best for your hair. You need to identify which food for hair growth is good or bad. Eating blindly will end you up with a loss on your account that you will never want.

Certain food types have such nutrients or agents that harm your hair health and growth at the same time. You need to avoid or limit the consumption of such food options to secure your hair from the lethal damage.


Your hair requires protein for the ultimate shine and overall health. At the same time, sugar is an agent that reduces the absorption of protein in the body and your hair as well.

It turns out to be damage to your hair growth at a massive level. You cannot eliminate sugar or sweetness from your life but you can look out for the alternatives. Moreover, limiting the use of sugary products will help you to control the hair loss effectively.

Starchy processed grains

Never fall into the starchy processed or over-processed grains that come in white bread, cake, pastries, pasta and much more. These are rich in starch and act in a similar way like sugar.

These can make your hair thin and weak at the same time. You may lose a lot of volume and hair as well. It is better to stick with the whole-wheat most of the time. Taking these processed options sometimes is fine, but abundance can lead you to some great loss.


Alcohol has many other dangers to your health, and losing hair is one of these. It is responsible for reducing the levels of zinc in your body that affect overall hair growth and health. Moreover, it dehydrates your body that reduces the moisture level from the hair and makes them more brittle.


The swordfish contains higher levels of mercury that cause hair loss at large. It is simply not a good idea to stick with this type of fish, as it will end up you having trouble with hair loss and more hair problems.

You can have many other options in seafood to try, and that will benefit you instead of losing your hair.

Some best Food for shiny hair

After knowing about the food options you do not have to eat, there are some options for the food which you should take for hair growth. These are the key source of vitamins and nutrients for your hair growth and health. You need to be specific with these options to get better hair for long.

It is not difficult to add these food options in your regular meal as these are commonly available around.

Black beans

The black beans carry the essential amino acids that help your body to absorb iron and zinc. These two nutrients are the necessary minerals that work for better and shiny hair.


The leafy vegetable is a source of ultimate iron for your body. It helps you to get better with your hair quality, eyesight, bones and much more. The well-packed nutrients food is a gift by nature for your overall health.


Walnuts are one of the best results when you search for which Food for hair growth is best. These nuts are enriched with fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) that nourish hair scalp and makes it even stronger.

Moreover, it protects your hair from lightening or weakens due to the deficiency of these integral nutrients.

Bell pepper

The vegetable is rich in Vitamin C and brings you a good amount of antioxidants as well. It is not only ideal for the hair growth but the whole body at the same time due to its nutrients.


The egg seems to be a complete diet for your body. It contains proteins that give immense energy to your body. It is good to have an egg daily. Since your hair requires proteins for better health and you can get all the proteins from the egg at the same time.


Lentils are enriching with the nutrients that help your hair to be strong and secure their colour as well. Having them as a part of your meal will help you to have the best hair growth and health.

Managing your diet for good hair growth

Only searching for the best food for hair growth is not enough. You need to adopt these suggestions and changes or transformation in your routine as well.

It seems hard to quit some specific type of Food suddenly, but you can take little steps. Here are some tips that can help:

Look for substitutes

it is better to consider the alternatives for the foods you need to avoid. Such as, you can prefer honey or organic sweeteners instead of sugar. You can have fruits to meet the glucose requirements, prefer whole-wheat instead of processed flour and many others.

Add portions to your meal

it is not possible to eat all the food options at the same time for your hair growth. The best alternative is to add portions of these magic food options in your every meal. It will help you to get used to these.

Limit your intake

in case you are not able to control the food habits, and then you can limit the portions. Taking some specific potion of Food will reduce the impact or effect on your hair.

Keep a keen observation

it is always good to be observant with your hair health. It will help you to make changes with food options in your life and get better hair.


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