What Are the Causes of Bad Breath Even After Brushing

Are you sometimes annoyed or, in fact, stressed about your bad breath despite brushing your teeth or using any floss? Then you are not alone. Approximately 30% of the population suffers from the same problem. Gums, mints, mouthwashes, and other bad breath fighting products make it disappears for a while but then come back! Well, then it may be due to some other underlying problems other than just oral hygiene. Here is maybe all you want to know about WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF BAD BREATH? Because when you figure out the exact reason behind it, you can treat and get rid of it.


Bad breath is also known as Halitosis, it’s a Latin word having the same meaning. The odor can come from the mouth, teeth, or maybe due to any underlying health issues. Depending upon the cause, bad breath can be a temporary problem, or it can result in a chronic condition. Following may be the causes of bad breath or Halitosis.

Poor Dental Hygiene

The standard and apparent reason are not cleaning and brushing your teeth regularly and properly. The bacteria break down the food particles trapped between the teeth and on the tongue resulting in a combination of food and bacteria with an unpleasant smell. This problem leads to plaque buildup, cavities, and periodontal diseases. Appropriate cleaning of teeth and tongue and using antiseptic mouthwash can help in the elimination of the odor. If you are using dentures, take special care of their cleansing; otherwise, it will also be one of the causes of bad breath.

Mouth infections 

Any mouth infection, including wounds after oral surgery, tooth removal, tooth decay, gum disease, or mouth sores, can be the reason for bad breath.

Food and Beverages

Some food and beverages also contribute to bad breath. If you have food with a strong odor like onions or garlic, they enter your bloodstream after digestion and travel to the lungs. The smell can remain in your breath up to 72 hours.


The use of cigarettes or cigars is not only causing bad breath but also dries out your mouth, which enhances the problem of bad breath.

Dry mouth or xerostomia

If your mouth remains dry due to less saliva or specific medication, including high blood pressure and urinary conditions, you can face lousy breath as an adequate amount of saliva keeps the mouth clean and odor-free.

ENT disorders

If you have a sinus infection, postnasal drainage, chronic bronchitis, or disease in the respiratory tract, you may have bad breath. Tonsil stones can also cause bad breath as bacteria tend to collect in these stones.

Other diseases

Diabetes, liver, and kidney diseases may also be the reason for bad breath.

What are the causes of Bad breath cancer?

Some cancers are also the reason for bad breath. Stomach cancer, mouth cancer, and lung cancer may lead to the lousy odor of the breath.

Interested to know more about Bad Breath?

What are the causes of bad breath from the stomach?

It is unnecessary that the causes of bad breath that you may be experiencing come from your mouth or teeth. It may be coming from your stomach. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is a digestive disorder in which acidic stomach juices or fluids flow back from the stomach to the esophagus. GERD can affect people of all ages, and patients of asthma are more likely to develop this condition. Besides bad breath, acid regurgitation (tasting your food after eating), sudden excess of saliva, chronic sore throat, inflammation of the gums, cavities, and chest pain are common symptoms of GERD.

Several diagnostic techniques are available for the diagnosis of GERD. These include X-ray of the upper digestive system, endoscopy, ambulatory acid (pH), and esophageal impedance test. A person suffering from GERD should also adapt to these lifestyle changes to treat the problem.

  • Elevate the bed 6-8 inches from the head side
  • Stop smoking
  • Limit meal size and avoid heavy meals in the evening
  • Do not lie down two to three hours after eating.
  • Lose weight
  • Decrease caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Also, prevent or reduce alcohol, onions, tomato products, spicy food, chocolate, and fatty foods.


After looking into all possibilities that what are the causes of bad breath, we can more clearly understand and address the problem for not only a healthy body but also to keep a comfortable and enjoyable relationship with our near and dear ones.

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