Best Exercise for Abs at Home | No Equipment!

What can be the Best Excercise for Abs? This a question where most fitness conscious people look for. Abs workout is referred to as abdominal exercise which strengthens our abdominal muscles. It splendiferously lowers the abdominal fat. Abdominal muscles are very important and their main functionalities are control of breathing, posture, and speech in some species. That’s why fitness and proper working of abdominal muscles are of core importance. Globally, people are now more conscious about fitness and they are paying more attention to Abs workout.we can simply try and choose Best Excercise for Abs at Home

  • Especially, women are more focusing to reduce the abdominal fats
  • Proper Abs exercise either without the help of equipment or not along with proper intake of a good diet is very important for a healthy life

Best Exercise for Abs at Home
Best Exercise for Abs at Home | No Equipment!

Best Excercise for Abs for Beginners

The best exercises for Abs at home for the beginners are as follow:

  • Dead bug
  • Hollow body hold
  • Sitting twists (10 times)
  • Plank leg raises (10 times)
  • Crunches (10 times)

Dead bug

The single best exercise for Abs formation for beginners is a dead bug. It ameliorates the upper abs, lower abs, and back muscles. In this exercise, we have to lay on our backs. Our knees should bend at 90-degree angles over our hips. Our arms should be raised towards the ceiling.

Note: Other mentioned exercises are also important for beginners with the instruction and guide of the instructor.

Abs exercise that works

Some best exercises for abs that work are as follows:

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Plank poses
  • Torso twist
  • Lunges
  • Get moving

Among the mentioned abs exercises, the best exercise to build abs at home is plank poses and bicycle crunches.

Plank poses

Plank poses are responsible for tightening your tummy. You can pursue it either in Yoga classes or in the gym. By doing this exercise, your abdominal muscles get strong and your tummy gets tight.

Bicycle crunches

We should do one to three sets of 12 repetitions each. This exercise is effective but you should not strain your neck while doing this abs exercise.

Best Excercise for Abs

The best exercises to get abs at home, especially for ladies are as follow with required time constraints:

Sr. #Name of exerciseRequired timeNumber of Sets
1   Flutter kicks   45 seconds             2-3
2   Russian twists   45 seconds             3
3   Toe touch crunches   45 seconds             2
4   Pilates leg pulls (facing down)   45-50 seconds             3-4
5   Pilates leg fulls(facing up)   40 seconds             3
6   Pilate toe taps   40-45 seconds             3-4
7   Knee tuck crunches   40 seconds             3
8   Bicycle crunches   1-3 sets             3-4

Workout to get Abs for females

There are many exercises for females without the use of equipment. Some best core exercises for females to ameliorate their abdominal muscles and to reduce the tummy fats are as follow:

Burn Fat with Cardio and HIITLeg up crunch
Bicycle crunchesMountain climbers
Sit-upsHanging Ab curls
Lying leg raiseArm pull over straight-leg crunch

Are six-packs only for men?

According to present predicaments, abs exercises are not only “a man-thing”; these days. We can also say that it’s not only important for cricketers, sportsmen, and athletes. Now, women can also get six-packs if they do the best abs exercises with proper guidance and corrective approach.

Abs workout for women

As we have already discussed the best and most appropriate exercises for abs amelioration, especially for women. Now, we will discuss a single best exercise that can ameliorate the tummy and abdominal muscles of women.

The single Best exercise for abs formation for females

The single best exercise for abs formation in females is plank crawl out. It is a popular exercise, which not only ameliorates body abs but also provides strength to the spinal cord muscles and muscles around your pelvis such as glutes.

How its work?

  1. First of all, stand-up with your feet together
  2. Bend and try to touch the floor
  3. When your finger touches the floor, move your hands forward slowly until you reach an accurate push-up point
  4. After it, move slowly to the previous initial position and repeat this process again and again

Best flat tummy exercise for great female abs

The single best exercise for flat tummy for great female abs is “bodyweight single-leg stretch”. This exercise is very useful for the lower abdominal muscles. More precisely, it is splendiferous for trunk or torso of the body such as abdomen and thorax.

Steps for Bodyweight single-leg stretch exercise

  1. Lie faceup on the floor
  2. Curls your head as well as shoulders off the floor
  3. Raise arms and legs at 45-degree
  4. Keep your upper body in a lifted position
  5. Bring your right leg towards your chest and touch your right ankle with you right hand
  6. Come back to the initial position


No. of steps2-3

3 best female abs exercises at home

Abs workout for females at home without equipment
Abs workout for females at home without equipment

There are many exercises for the effective reduction of tummy fats and to ameliorate splendiferously abdominal muscles of females. It’s very important to enjoy a healthy and sound life. These three exercises are the best exercises for effective and efficient control of belly fats. The best 3 exercises for abs formation, especially for females are mentioned below:

Sr. #Name of exerciseNo. of repetitions
1In out abs10 times
2Ankle tap crunches20 times
3Angle leg raise10 times

Abs workout for females at home without equipment

As we have discussed earlier the best exercises for the formation of female abs. Equipment is not a requirement for abs exercises, especially for women. Only regularity of workout, motivation, and strong determination is required. Abs without equipment can give us outstanding, effective, and long-lasting efficient outputs. The equipment also costs too much so we can carry abs exercises without equipment and can get splendiferous results.  Some more important exercises are as follow:

Sr. #Name of exerciseNumber of repetitions
1Leg swing and knee crunch10 times
2Control legs swing10 times
3Crossed leg swing10 times
4Butterfly and pulses8 times
5Legs up + one down4-5 times

In a Nutshell

To conclude the whole debate, we can say that all exercises that are mentioned above can reduce the tummy fats. Many best exercises can improve the abdominal muscles. We can improve our abdominal muscles without the use of equipment at home. There are many Best Excercise for Abs at Home with different conditions with different time constraints and sets, that can be proved valuable for the formation of abs. To improve the abdominal muscles, we should opt for suitable exercises either from the recommended exercises or according to the instructions of your fitness trainers.

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